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Founded in 1969 by the German Gemmological Association, the German Foundation For Gemstone Research (DSEF) serves the industry and the public with a complete range of gemstone services.

These include research as well as examination and identification of gemstones for the gemstone and jewellery industry. Research is focussed on the identification properties of gemstones, their substitutes as well as on gemstone enhancements.

An additional major topic is the examination of all aspects of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and alexandrites particularly in order to identify their geographic origin.

The gemmological laboratory is equipped with modern analytical facilities and the scientists employed are highly qualified in both gemmology and mineralogy.

Constant research with major gem-producing countries and close cooperation with the industry keeps the means of analysis up to date. Located at the very heart of the German gem industry in Idar-Oberstein, the staff of the laboratory is among the first worldwide who has the opportunity to investigate new finds.

Research results are presented on conferences and published in mineralogical and gemmological journals throughout the world.

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